Today I had my first ever opportunity to preach on the continent of Africa.  I was asked to preach for the chapel service at the Lutheran Theological College, Magamaga, Uganda.  Here is the sermon, based on Galatians 6:11-18, "Boasting in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ."  The mic was behind me on the altar, so it is not the best recording.  The hammering is the carpenters building the framework for the roof of the dormitory building next door.  Everything is open air, so it sounds like they are pounding in the chapel.  Here it is:


The service was a communion service in English, LSB Divine Service Setting 5.  However, at the end of the service, the assembly broke into a Lusoga language blessing song.  It was written by Pastor Peter Maganda and is based on the Benediction from Numbers 6, "The Lord bless you and keep you...."  Unfortunately, the recording does not do it justice.  (The recorder was too far away from the students.)  Sitting in the front row with the students right behind me, it was wonderful.  Have a listen.